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Life SciencesUnderstanding the application requirements and having a broad base of potential thermal solutions gives Durex the ability to provide the best thermal answer to most life science applications.

Instrumentation used in the preparation and analysis of organic and inorganic materials requires precision control of process temperature. Depending on the type of sample, this process temperature may vary from 37°C (98.6°F) for analysis of biological cells to over 500°C (932°F) for analysis of inorganic materials. In addition, differences in incubation periods arise. Also, in medical devices, heating gases or liquids enhances patient comfort and aids recovery.

Discover why we are considered the preferred supplier of high performance radiant, convection, and conduction thermal solutions to the Life Science and Physical Science Industries.

Related Markets

Analytical Instrumentation - Durex Industries has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing miniature to larger precision heating, sensor and control assemblies for analytical instrumentation and laboratory equipment applications.

Clinical Diagnostics Instrumentation - Durex Industries' thermal assemblies are custom designed to achieve the optimal thermal response for critical incubation and analysis of biological samples.

Medical Devices - Durex Industries understands the criticality of delivering fluids and gases to patients at precise temperatures for patient care and works with medical device manufacturers to rapidly deliver thermal solutions that enhance the performance of their devices.

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