Thermistor Sensors

Thermistor sensors are thermally sensitive resistors that exhibit a large change in resistance when subjected to environment temperature changes. Thermistor temperature sensors have either a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) or a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC).

Durex Industries manufactures high quality thermistors that can be designed for temperature ranges up to 300°C, although they are typically used in lower temperature applications over a specific control range. Due to the size of a thermistor element, they are a very versatile and economical choice of temperature sensor for a wide range of applications.

Housings can be manufactured of stainless steel, brass, or plastic and can be adapted to suit most any environment within the range of the sensing element. Thermistor sensor elements can also be provided with selected tolerances at specific temperatures for precision accuracy.


Part Number Configuration - Example:  M1-3B-4B020-045A0C

M1 - Element TypeElement ToleranceSheath MaterialSheath Diameter"L" Sheath Length"A" Lead LengthLead Wire Type + 0 = (No Fitting Option) + Terminal Connectors


Part Number Configuration - Example:  M2-3B-4B020-045AHC

M2 - Element TypeElement ToleranceSheath MaterialSheath Diameter"L" Sheath Length"A" Lead LengthLead Wire TypeFitting OptionsTerminal Connectors

Element Types

Element Type Code Element Type Description
1 10K ohm at 25°C
2 30K ohm at 25°C
3 50K ohm at 25°C
4 100K ohm at 25°C
5 500K ohm at 25°C

Element Tolerance

Element Tolerance Code Element Tolerance Definition
A ± 1% at 25°C
B ± 5% at 25°C
C ± 10% at 25°C
D ± 20% at 25°C

Sheath Materials

Sheath Material Code Sheath Material Definition
4 304 Stainless Steel
6 316 Stainless Steel

Sheath Diameters

Sheath Diameter Code Sheath Diameter Description
B .125” or 1/8” Outer Diameter
V .156” or 5/32” Outer Diameter
C .188” or 3/16” Outer Diameter
D .250” or 1/4” Outer Diameter


Dimensional Chart

"L" Dimensions "B" Dimensions "A" Dimensions Fractional Dimension
Letter Code
“L” dimensions are specified in whole inches and a single alpha character which represents a fraction. Enter the three digit code as follows: “B” dimensions are specified in fractions from ⅛” to 1”. Use the single alpha character to indicate the tip length. Enter the code as follows: “A” dimensions are
specified in whole inches only. Enter the three digit code as follows:
1/16" A 11/16" L
1/8" B 3/4" M
3/16" C 13/16" N
1/4" D 7/8" P
5/16" E 15/16" R
3" 030 10 5/8" 10K 3/8" F 1" S
4 1/2" 04H 12" 120 1/8" B 5/8" K 9" 009 7/16" G 0 No
6 1/4" 06D 15 3/8" 15F 1/4" D 3/4" M 12" 012 1/2" H
7 7/8" 07P 17 3/4" 17M 3/8" F 7/8" P 36" 036 9/16" J
9 5/8" 09K 22 1/8" 22B 1/2" H 1" S 144" 144 5/8" K


Lead Wire Types

Leadwire Type Code Leadwire Type Description
A Fiberglass Leadwire, Singles
F Teflon Leadwire, Singles
G Teflon Leadwire with Overall Teflon Jacket

Fitting Options

Fitting Option Code Fitting Option Description
A 1/8” NPT Brass Bushing
B 1/8” NPT Stainless Steel Bushing
C 1/4” NPT Brass Bushing
D 1/4” NPT Stainless Steel Bushing
E 3/8” NPT Brass Bushing
F 3/8” NPT Stainless Steel Bushing
G 1/2” NPT Brass Bushing
H 1/2” NPT Stainless Steel Bushing


Terminal Connectors

Terminal Connector Codes Terminal Connector Description
1 #6 Spade Lug
A 3/16” Disconnect
B 3/16” Disconnect, Insulated
C 1/4” Disconnect
D 1/4” Disconnect, Insulated
M Mini Plug

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