Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)

Accurate, repeatable and robust resistance temperature detector (resistance thermometers) sensor assemblies manufactured by Durex Industries provide fast temperature response and can be applied in most temperature measurement and control applications.

Understanding the application's temperature and accuracy performance specifications, material compatibility, dimensional and environmental conditions are critical to successfully selecting and designing a temperature sensor solution.  Many applications require special quality validation, testing, and certifications. Durex Industries is prepared to provide the best temperature sensor solutions.

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Resistance Temperature Detectors-Leadwire

RTD with Leadwire

The R1 and R2 style Resistance Temperature Detectors are increasingly becoming the sensor of choice for temperature measurement applications due to the accuracy and long term stability that platinum elements offer.

Custom Resistance Temperature Detectors

Custom Industrial RTD

If the equipment you're using or building requires a particular sensor element, sheath material, connection style or fastening device, please contact us with your specifications. It's likely we've already built what you need.

Adhesive Resistance Temperature Detectors

Adhesive Backed RTD

If the surface being measured for temperature cannot be penetrated or if space limitations require it, Durex can manufacture a Resistance Temperature Detector with an adhesive patch for direct surface mounting.

Adjustable-Armor Resistance Temperature Detectors

Adjustable Depth RTD with Armor

RA01 style adjustable depth resistance temperature detector with armor uses flexible stainless steel armor cable with a rotating bayonet lock-cap on the outside diameter that adjusts to various immersion depths.

Adjustable-Spring Resistance Temperature Detectors

Adjustable Depth RTD with Spring

RA00 style adjustable depth resistance temperature detector sensor assembly with spring uses a compression spring and bayonet lock-cap which allows this design to adjust to hole depths up to 12" deep.
Air Resistance Temperature Detectors


The perforated tip of the air resistance temperature detector is designed for rapid monitoring of airflow temperature in various applications. Small film sensing elements used in these housings can detect incremental changes in temperature more quickly than conventional housings.

Diesel Engine Temperature Sensors

Diesel Engine Temperature Sensors

Temperature monitoring in today’s sophisticated engines is critical for proper engine control module (ECM) operation to ensure high fuel efficiency and low emissions levels in diesel engines, extreme racing vehicles and aircraft jet engines. Our RTDs, Thermocouples, IC sensors and Thermistors are specifically designed to perform in rugged harsh environments.

Flexible Resistance Temperature Detectors

Flexible RTD

When a resistance temperature detector needs to "snake" through an installation because of space limitations or other factors, Durex Industries manufacturers flexible resistance temperature detector elements with overbraid shielding or armor to suit the specifics of your temperature sensing application.
Hand Held Resistance Temperature Detectors

Hand Held Temperature Probes

Durex manufactures a line of multi-purpose hand held resistance temperature detector probes for foodservice, industrial process, and laboratory applications. RTD temperature probe features include handles of stainless steel, Teflon, or plastic and coil cord leadwires that can be constructed to withstand ambient temperatures up to 400°F.

Immersion Resistance Temperature Detectors

Immersion RTD

For applications requiring immersion into any liquid or semi-solid, Durex will supply resistance temperature detector probes in protective thermowells or protection tubes, with sealed terminal heads.

Transmitter Resistance Temperature Detectors

Integrated Transmitter RTD

This unique line of integrated transmitter resistance temperature detector probes combine an industry standard 4-20mA transmitter with a matched high accuracy RTD in a compact, hermetically sealed assembly.

Melt Bolt Resistance Temperature Detectors

Melt Bolt RTD

RM style resistance temperature detector melt bolt sensor assemblies are designed for dependable temperature measurement of the plastic melt stream within extruders and injection molding equipment.

Compression Fitting Resistance Temperature Detectors

RTD with Compression Fitting

RC style straight run, 45° and 90° bend resistance temperature detector compression fitting sensors are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Fixed Bayonet Resistance Temperature Detectors

RTD with Fixed Bayonet

RB style straight run, 45° and 90° bend resistance temperature detector fixed bayonet sensors are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Probe-Plug Resistance Temperature Detectors

RTD With Probe & Plug

R3 style resistance temperature detector with stainless steel or Inconel sheath and various plug termination options. A wide variety of element types, wiring configurations and sheath diameters are available.

Terminal Head Resistance Temperature Detectors

RTD Probe With Terminal Head

R4 style RTD assembly with probe, screw cover terminal head and NPT fitting. This assembly is used where protection for the termination is a consideration and can be designed for an outdoor application or with an integral transmitter.

Thermowell Resistance Temperature Detectors

RTD Thermowells

RW style resistance temperature detector thermowells are available in various element types and wiring configurations. Cast iron or aluminum screw cover heads are commonly used to terminate the thermowell assemblies, however, other head options are available.

Sanitary Resistance Temperature Detectors

Sanitary RTD

RS style resistance temperature detector sensor probes with sanitary connections are commonly used in the food and dairy industries. These fittings are welded to the stainless steel sheath and polished to meet 3-A Sanitary Council Standards.

Silicone Resistance Temperature Detectors

Silicone RTD

Utilizing the same technology as a sealed silicone rubber heater, Durex offers a surface mount resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensor for direct mounting to flat or curved surfaces.

Special Purpose Resistance Temperature Detectors

Special Purpose RTD

For high-accuracy temperature measurements in a variety of industrial and commercial air and gas applications, Durex Industries offers resistance temperature detector sensors of multiple elements and styles.

Surface Mount Resistance Temperature Detectors

Surface Mount RTD

RSM style surface mount resistance temperature detectors can be supplied with block surface mount, spade type surface mount or adhesive patch mounting hardware. Fiberglass, Mica/Fiberglass, Teflon or PVC leadwires with various braiding or armor cable shielding options are available.

Teflon Coated Resistance Temperature Detectors

Teflon Coated RTD

Resistance temperature detectors are available with Teflon coated sheaths for applications that require contact temperature measurement in corrosive or chemical environments. The Teflon coating can be applied directly to the sheath of the RTD, providing protection while minimizing effects to response.

Thermistor Sensors


Thermistor sensor assemblies are thermally sensitive resistors that exhibit a large change in resistance when subjected to changes in environment temperature. Thermistors have either a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) or a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC).

An RTD sensor is a thin film or wire wound resistor element with highly repeatable known resistance that changes as the process temperature varies. The resistance change is used as a temperature measurement input to a temperature controller.

Resistance temperature detectors have a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) where the resistance increases with rise in temperature.  A thermistor has a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) where the resistance decreases with rise in temperature.  Depending on an application's process temperature range, RTD sensors and thermistors are selected for accuracy specifications, thermal response, and repeatability over the life of the sensor element.  Thermistors are usually used in applications with a narrow temperature range.

Resistance temperature sensor and thermistor solutions are commonly used in aerospace, analytical equipment, foodservice equipment, and semiconductor equipment applications where highly accurate and repeatable sensor performance is critical to the process performance.

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