Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Sensor

Exhaust Gas Temperature SensorA customer was seeking a USA supplier for their high-temperature EGT sensor probe that was supplied by a European company. The new exhaust gas temperature sensor probe had to meet stringent environmental and performance requirements. Additionally,  costs for qualifying a new supplier are high and time-consuming.  So the new supplier needed to provide cost advantages to justify the supplier change.

Considering the costs of qualification, the customer had to first evaluate Durex as a potential supplier. Was Durex a stable manufacturer with engineering and production capabilities necessary to support the project? Then came preliminary evaluation of the temperature sensor test samples.  This was followed by 1-year long-term environment tests on 100 sensor samples.

Durex EGT temperature sensor probes exceeded the performance and reliability requirements and pricing was very competitive.  As a result, Durex is now being evaluated for additional sensor probes.

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