Aerospace Temperature Sensor Solutions

Aerospace Temperature SensorsAs a major supplier to the aerospace aftermarket, the customer needed to design a temperature sensor assembly that was part of a larger electro-mechanical subassembly.  Replacing just the sensor probe was a more cost effective solution than replacing the entire assembly.   The sensor assembly included 3 separate TC probes wired in series to measure the average temperature of the 3 locations.  Critical to temperature measurement was a low resistance specification for the interconnecting wire between the probes.

Solution: In aerospace applications, it is critical that replacement parts meet the specifications of the original part.  The major challenge with this applications was meeting the wire resistance specifications within the dimensional requirement for the assembly.  Durex' engineering team designed the probe using a very low resistance coiled MI cable.  Production fixturing was developed to consistently produce the entire sensor assembly.

Results: The customer had a sensor probe solution that was far more cost effective than replacing the entire electro-mechanical assembly.

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