Storage Tank Heaters

Electric heaters have several advantages in storage tank applications due to the precise control of temperature and heat distribution required for liquid storage conditions.  Durex engineers and manufactures a variety of standard designs as well as customized solutions for a variety of tank applications including open or closed tanks, outdoor or indoor installations, as well as underground tanks, pressure vessels, and even railroad tank cars and over the road trailer tanks.

Each heater solution is designed for the specific application and optimized to ensure high performance results.  We take into account temperatures, flows and mixing, viscosity of the fluid, corrosive nature of the fluid, tank insulation and the overall operating conditions and project requirements.

Direct Heat / Direct Immersion Tank Heaters

----New Immersion Heaters Image.jpgScrew Plug Immersion Heaters - Ideal for economical and reliable heating for a large variety of small volume tanks.  Constructed of rugged hairpin tubular elements brazed or welded into NPT pipe fittings, these heaters are easily screwed into a threaded coupling in the tank wall or vessel. 2" & 2 1/2" standard designs with 3-5 day lead time!

Flange Immersion Heaters – Flanged immersion heaters are used for higher power, larger tank heating requirements.  Constructed similar to screw plug heaters, with hairpin bent tubular heater elements brazed or welded into ANSI standard flanges or plate flanges of various shapes and sizes. Typically used for large volume, high power and/or higher-pressure applications requiring a flange tank or pipe connections such as found in the chemical processing or oil & gas industries.

----Over The Side Immersion w/RisersOver The Side Heaters - Consisting of multiple heater elements, these heaters are designed for installation at the top of the tank or through an access port with the heated portion directly immersed along the side or at the bottom of the tank.  These heaters are adaptable to the tank shape and easily removed for maintenance or use in temporary heating applications.

Suction Heaters – A hybrid of an immersion, inline circulation and dry well heaters, this is typically used in oil storage tanks where the user does not want to heat the entire tank contents.  Essentially an “on demand” heater, a large pump creates “suction” and draws the cold oil into and through the suction heater, and out of an outlet port outside of the tank. Contact Durex for more information.

Indirect Immersion Tank Heating

----circulation heaters imgInline Circulation Heaters – These heaters are ideal for fluids that require constant mixing in tanks without mechanical mixers or when it is impractical to install an immersion heater into an existing tank.  Circulation pumps move the fluid from the tank through the heater and back into the tank to set up circulation currents.

----Pipe Insert-Drywell Heater.owhite.jpgDry Well Heaters – When draining a tank for heater removal and servicing is not feasible, a dry well heater is a perfect solution.  A screw plug or flanged immersion heater is fitted into a pressure-tight bayonet pipe (closed end protection tube) and inserted into the bottom of a tank.  This isolates the heaters and facilitates easy removal of the heaters.

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