Durex Industries manufactures reliable and robust industrial thermocouples. Thermocouples provide fast temperature response which can be applied in most temperature measurement and control applications and are a cost-effective solution.

Understanding the application's temperature and accuracy performance specifications, material compatibility, dimensional, and environmental conditions are critical to successfully selecting and designing a temperature sensor solution.  Many applications require special quality validation, testing, and certifications. Durex Industries is prepared to provide the best thermocouple temperature sensor solutions.

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----Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Mineral Insulated Style

Durex' TDC style mineral insulated temperature probes are manufactured with compacted magnesium oxide (MgO) insulation housed in a stainless steel or alloy sheath that protects the thermocouple element from the application's environment.

Custom Industrial Thermocouples

Custom Industrial Thermocouples

Durex Industries engineering staff can assist you with custom designed industrial process thermocouple sensors for whatever temperature measurement application requirement you have.

----Melt Bolt Thermocouple Probes.jpg

Adjustable Melt Bolt Style

The TAM style adjustable melt bolt thermocouple probe has a movable probe activated by an inner screw mechanism. The probe can be immersed into or withdrawn from the plastic melt stream while the extruder is in full operation at maximum flow rates and pressures.

----Adjustable Depth TC Probe with Armor TBA20.jpg

Adjustable With Armor Style

TBA20 style temperature probes use flexible stainless steel armor cable with a rotating bayonet lock-cap on the outside diameter that adjusts to various immersion depths. The armor cable assures maximum protection of the thermocouple element for extension from the process.

----Adjustable Depth Thermocouples with Spring TBA10 Style

Adjustable With Spring Style

TBA10 style thermocouple temperature probes use a compression spring and bayonet lock-cap which allows this design to adjust to hole depths up to 12" deep. This design also features a stainless steel tip with a silver solder junction for fast response.

----Base Metal Protection Tube TC Probes.jpg

Base Metal Protection Tube Thermocouples

Durex TP style the protection tubes are typically used in heavy-duty industrial environments that require heavy-duty base metal protection tube thermocouple assemblies.


Base Metal Replacement Elements

The TEBA and TEBD style temperature sensors are base metal replacement elements for all ceramic or metal protection tube assemblies.

Base Metal Thermowell Thermocouple Assemblies

Base Metal Thermowell Assemblies

TDW style thermowells are manufactured from drilled bar stock and have threaded NPT process connections or flanges for direct immersion into high pressure or corrosive applications. The thermocouple element is mounted into the thermowell and is typically spring loaded for positive contact with the bottom wall of the well.


Compression Fitting Style

TCF style straight run, 45° and 90° bend compression fitting thermocouple probes are available in a wide variety of lengths, mounting configurations and styles.  Typical applications include plastics, packaging, and other industrial sensing applications requiring robust sensor solutions.

Diesel Engine Sensors

Diesel Engine Temperature Sensors

Temperature monitoring in today’s sophisticated engines is critical for proper engine control module (ECM) operation to ensure high fuel efficiency and low emissions levels in diesel engines, extreme racing vehicles and aircraft jet engines. Our RTDs, Thermocouples, IC sensors and Thermistors are specifically designed to perform in rugged harsh environments.


----Durexium™ Melt Bolt Sensor Coating

Durexium™ Melt Bolt Sensor Coating

Durex Industries is pleased to offer Durexium™, a multilayer coating option, on all Melt Bolt Style Temperature Sensors. This multilayer coating consists of 16 different layers of Titanium Nitride and Zirconium Nitride, which is using a cathodic arc PVD process at a temperature of 800 °F.

Fixed Bayonet Thermocouples

Fixed Bayonet Style

TBF style straight run, 45° and 90° bend fixed bayonet thermocouple probes s are available in a wide variety of lengths, mounting configurations and styles.  Standard options include 304 stainless steel probe construction with flexible stainless steel cable lead wire protection.

----General Purpose Thermocouples

General Purpose (Tube & Wire) Style

TGU style general purpose thermocouple probes sometimes referred to as tube and wire are available in many standard and custom configurations.  These are economical sensor assemblies that usually consist of a soft insulated fiberglass or Teflon wire that is housed in a stainless steel tube.

Melt Bolt Thermocouples

Melt Bolt Style

Durex' TPM style melt bolt temperature probes are designed for dependable temperature measurement of the plastic melt stream within extruders and injection molding equipment. Standard melt bolt thermocouple assemblies are supplied with mineral insulated (MgO) sensing elements for extended pressure and temperature performance.

----Miniature Thermocouples.jpg

Miniature Thermocouples

Durex manufactures a complete line of miniature thermocouple temperature probes for applications with tight space requirements, limited access or other considerations.

----Multipoint Thermocouples.jpg

Multipoint Style

Multipoint thermocouple temperature probes are designed specifically for pipelines, process towers, boilers and other vessels where multi-point temperature monitoring is a must.

----Nozzle Thermocouples

Nozzle Style

TNT style nozzle thermocouple probes are used for mounting requirements on a plastics injection equipment, hot runner molds, and other auxiliary apparatus. The lead wire conductor is stranded with Fiberglass insulation.

----Pipe Clamp Thermocouples TPC1 Style

Pipe Clamp Style

Durex offers TPC1 style pipe clamp thermocouple sensor styles for temperature measurements on pipe ranging from ½" to 2-1/4" diameters. Stainless steel over-braid shield protects the element, which senses the temperature on the surface of the clamp.

Platinum Thermocouples

Platinum (Noble Metal) Style

In high temperature and corrosive environments, Durex' noble metals, also called platinum, probe assemblies are designed for greater robustness and accuracy than can normally be achieved with base metal thermocouples.

----Platinum (Noble Metal) Thermocouple Replacement Elements

Platinum Replacement Elements

The TENE style thermocouple is a noble metal element designed as a replacement for high-temperature protection tube assemblies.

----Shim Stock Thermocouples.jpg

Shim Stock Style

TST1 style shim stock thermocouple sensors are available in Type J or Type K calibration with various junction types. Several lead wire types to choose from in lengths up to 24 ft.

Silicon Carbide Protection Tube Assembly-2

Silicon Carbide Protection Tube Assembly

Silicon carbide protection tube sensor assemblies feature a silicon carbide protection tube along with an inner ceramic tube for additional protection of the sensing element.

----Surface Mount Thermocouples TSM Style

Surface Mount Style

TSM style thermocouples, for surface mounting via ring lug or gasket with bracket, these Durex temperature sensors can be provided with various terminations, including split leads, spade lugs, standard plug, standard jack or special connectors, as needed.

Thermocouple Replacement Protection-Tubes

Replacement Protection Tubes

Replacement ceramic protection tubes or replacement metal protection tubes are available.

A thermocouple junction is a single point junction between two dissimilar metals.  This junction creates a known millivolt level signal that changes as the process temperature increases or decreases.  The millivolt signal is used as the temperature measurement input to a temperature controller.

Depending on an application's process temperature range, accuracy specifications, and material compatibility, thermocouples are available in Type E, Type J, Type K, Type R, Type S, Type T and other dissimilar metals.  Durex Industries manufactures thermocouples that can be designed with grounded or ungrounded junctions and housed in insulated sheath materials that are designed for best form fit in the applications.

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