Fryers / Precision RTD Sensors

----RTD or Thermocouple Sensors.jpgThe Challenge: A foodservice equipment OEM had a contract to supply floor mount fryers to a global restaurant chain. Since consistency of meals at all restaurant locations is critical, the restaurant chain had tight specifications for the cooking processes.

Our Solution: Repeatable temperature sensor accuracy and location is absolutely critical for achieving the same food consistency in New York, Paris, Tokyo and all geographic locations. Durex's engineering team worked closely with the OEM to design an RTD sensor assembly that would provide fast temperature response with precision accuracy. To assure that the sensors are consistent within the restaurant chain's defined parameters, Durex's quality validation tests included x-rays, coordinate measurement, and thermal response procedures. All the design and manufacturing test procedures are documented under Durex's ISO 9001 processes.

The Results: Our customer now had the ideal solution for their specific application. Now, thousands of Durex temperature sensors are working to help provide the signature meals offered by this restaurant chain.

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