Beverage Manufacturing Cartridge Heaters

----Cartridge Heaters with Integrated Thermocouple.jpgA beverage manufacturer used several large fill and seal lines to manufacture drink pouches. However, the production lines were encountering problems with heater failures on the sealing dies, thus causing them to get shut down. This, in turn, resulted in a large loss of revenue.

Our Solution: We investigated the situation and discovered that the heater leads were weakening and breaking due to the rapid movement of the sealing head and vibration found in the equipment. We recommended a switch from pin leads to swaged-in flexible leads. We also suggested they affix the leads in a stress-relieved configuration in order to further remove stresses and strains from the lead wire to cartridge heater connection point.

The Results: The recommendations were implemented resulting in the elimination of the premature heater failures, significantly reducing equipment downtime issues.

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