Cast In Air Cooled Heaters With High Velocity Shroud For Plastics Processing

Cast In Air Cooled Heater With Shroud.jpgA flooring manufacturer who was using liquid cooled cast-in barrel heaters for their plastic mold presses was having issues with clogged and leaking water lines due to a constant build up of mineral deposits in the lines. This problem hindered production because of the downtime needed to stop and change out heaters.

The Durex engineering team worked with the manufacturer to come up with a solution. It was decided that an air cooled cast-in heater design would be the best fit. Switching from water cooled to air cooled heaters not only resolved the clogging issues but was an easy transition as well. In addition, the manufacturer decided to add a high velocity heater shroud to protect the operator from coming in contact with the hot heater surface.

Since the conversion to air cooled cast-in barrel heaters, the manufacturer has seen significant improvement in production time and experienced a cost reduction in overall water usage.



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