Commercial Toasters for Foodservice OEM

----Cast in Platen Heater imageA Foodservice Equipment Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of high volume commercial toasters had an application for toasting several types of bread for a restaurant chain. The restaurant chain served freshly prepared meals, so the toaster, without burning a product, had to quickly caramelize and toast the slices of bread. The toaster product definition called for a clamshell design that would handle large volumes of product and be capable of toasting several types of bread at the same time.

Our Solution: The OEM selected Durex Industries as a design and manufacturing partner because of our thermal design expertise, the range of potential solutions, design and production responsiveness, and agency approvals on heater products. Using finite element analysis software, we modeled and then designed a cast-in aluminum heater with distributed wattage for the top and bottom clamshell platens. The cast-in aluminum heater solution provided a uniform temperature across the entire surface, enabling the restaurant chain to increase throughput. Our thermocouple sensor assemblies were designed to provide excellent isothermal response and accuracy.

The Results: The temperature sensors, in combination with the cast-in aluminum heater, increased the thermal response for varying volumes and sizes of bread products being toasted. Since Durex Industries' cast-in aluminum heater had UL recognition, the OEM was able to substantially reduce their design time and agency approval costs.

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