Foodservice Equipment Top-Mount Immersion Heater

Top-Mount Immersion HeaterA manufacturer of beverage dispensing equipment for large outdoor venues contacted Durex for help.  In very cold weather conditions, refrigeration and freezing equipment were "freezing up" and not operating properly.  They needed heat in the various refrigerant media in order to provide consistent year-round temperature control and operation.  In addition, the heating solution had to fit within a very small footprint.


After working with customer field maintenance and engineering personnel, Durex designed a top-mount heater that could adapt to various size openings on different refrigerant reservoirs.  A float level switch was seamlessly integrated into the design to prevent the heater from energizing in the event of low fluid conditions.


After prototype testing, all of the existing equipment installations were retrofitted with the Durex heater solution.  The customer also won additional projects as they could demonstrate highly reliable equipment function in any climate.

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