Immersion Heaters For Fuel Oil and Lube Oil Systems

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A large user of lubrication systems for rotating equipment was unhappy with the premature failure of immersion heaters.  The heaters keep the oil warm during downtime.

Solution: Durex examined the heater sheath in our in-house metallurgical lab and discovered that the heater sheath was being corroded.  A lube oil analysis showed an additive in the oil that was corrosive to the steel sheath employed in the heater.  Durex proposed a 304SS sheath with appropriate watt density for the oil viscosity with a high limit temperature sensor.

Result: Durex provides a wide variety of time-tested lube oil and fuel oil heating solutions. We applied this expertise to optimize the heater solution and provided a design change that solved the customer’s problems and enhances equipment up-time.

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