Heated Roller Assemblies For Textile Manufacturing

A manufacturer of carpets and textiles needed to update the design of a heated roller to be used for laminating of carpet backing, layering, and other production processes.  He had been using fuel-fired systems but wanted to explore the use of electric heat to get a better temperature profile and controllability.

Durex developed and designed a solution that used tubular heaters mounted on the outer portions of a large roller structure with multiple control zones and a specific start-up circuit to provide consistent heat to all areas of the roll. With the staggered operational control zones, the heater can still maintain an adequate temperature in the event of a specific zone failure.  This laminator heater assembly was inserted into the roller in the laminator equipment to provide the heat source for the roller.  It was instrumented with temperature sensors for proper temperature control.

Tubular Heater-Carpet Manufacturing


The switch to an electric laminator heat system was a complete success.  The units have been operational for almost 10 years.


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