Silicone Heaters for Analytical Equipment

A manufacturer of oil field gas analyzers opened a project to reduce the on floor assembly time of their main product.  The largest issue was the time it was taking to attach a complex-shaped silicone heater to a cylindrical shaped aluminum vessel.  The company’s exacting quality requirements made it necessary to carefully make sure there was no entrapped air between the heater and vessel and that all corners were carefully attached.  This was important to ensure temperature uniformity of the vessel as well as prevent premature heater failure.

Durex proposed providing a complete heater assembly by sourcing the vessel and then factory vulcanizing the silicone heater to the aluminum vessel.  Durex modified the heater to a two-piece design in order to reduce cost and improve surface contact with the vessel.  We also integrated a temperature sensor for primary control as well as an over temp safety thermal cut off.


By supplying the customer with a complete silicone heater assembly, the labor time on the customer's floor was significantly reduced.  In addition, Durex sourced a better quality vessel then the customer was already receiving.  The factory vulcanized bond was much stronger versus the adhesive that the customer was previously using and eliminated any voids.  Further benefits were also a reduction in floor production space as well as reduction in the number of parts being purchased by the customer.


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