Temperature Sensors for Oil Processing Equipment in Food Service Industry

Temperature Sensors-Oil Processing Equipment-Food ServiceDual element temperature sensors are nothing new.  What to do when a customer comes calling with a requirement for 3 sensors points...using multiple sensor technologies...requiring precise, repeatable positioning in the temperature sensor probe...in hostile, dirty, high vibration conditions?  Just such a circumstance was faced by Durex when an OEM customer called with exactly this challenge.  In this heavy duty application, space and cost constraints did not allow the use of multiple sensor probes.

This sensor probe required the "co-location" of multiple thermocouple and RTD elements in a single probe.  The precise location of the sensor elements was required to ensure a high precision, repeatable process.  Durex designed a mineral insulation-based sensor assembly to allow discrete placement of the individual sensor elements and allow for multiple, overlapping runs of signal wire in the assembly.  Built-for-purpose tooling was designed and procedures developed to allow precise co-location of sensor elements with a high degree of consistency in the production process.  NDE such as x-ray is used to spot-check production units to ensure part to part repeatability and compliance to specifications.


After initial in-house and customer sensor probe testing during development, customer life cycle testing and pre-production units verified the sensor performance.  Sensor element location was consistently maintained as well as the cost objectives and space savings objectives met.  Further cost savings were realized as less assembly time is required for the install of this multi-element probe versus previously used separate probes.


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