Temperature Control Monitoring System

----Vadose Zone Temperature Monitoring.jpgAn Architectural and Engineering (A&E) firm was contracted to design a system that would help accelerate decomposition of waste materials in landfills. Pumping air into the vadose zone will help accelerate decomposition of waste. (vadose zone is the area between a ground surface and the water table.) By-products of accelerated decomposition are heat and the potential for spontaneous combustion. The A&E needed a control panel monitoring and alarm system that would shut down the air compressors and provide alarm signals in the event of an over temperature condition.

Our Solution: Durex's process control panel team designed a programmable logic control (PLC) based monitoring and alarm system. The Durex monitoring solution included 8 sensor assemblies that would be located at various points within the landfill. The PLC provided the logic for monitoring temperature rise at the 8 locations and would signal an auditable alarm and shut down the air compressors if there is an alarm condition. Since the control panel was located outdoors, Durex designed the control panel with a back lit liquid crystal display (LCD) and housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure.

The Results: Durex delivered the temperature control panel as a complete pre-programmed turnkey system with complete documentation. The technicians installed and tested the Durex control panel and sensors without problems. Durex was complimented for the speed of their response in designing and manufacturing the control panel and sensor solution.

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