Aerospace Silicone Heaters

A large manufacturer of aerospace battery packs had a new requirement for a space saving lithium battery pack.  The requirements presented a challenge to the normal silicone heater power lead configuration due to a maximum thickness specification.  The space envelope would only allow for .080" thick for the flexible heater at its maximum thickness including the power lead thickness.

The challenge for Durex Industries was to design and manufacture the silicone rubber heater such that the power leads came out the edge while adding minimal thickness to the overall flexible heating element.  Durex engineering designed a special cutting fixture that removed internal material to meet the overall thickness requirement.  In addition,  a new fixture was developed that helped the assembler place the power leads in the exact location every time.


The innovative and custom tooling allowed Durex to manufacture the silicone heater in an efficient manner even with the tight specifications.  The customer was able to win a long term contract for this battery pack due to Durex meeting both the technical and economic requirements of the flexible heater application.


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