Chemical Processing Immersion Heater and Control Panel

A large chemical processor approached Durex for help in developing a heating solution for a large cryogenic dump tank used during a chemical process.  They had tried direct immersion heaters from a Durex competitor, but the heater element welds were cracking under the extreme pressures and temperatures (-200F).

The Durex solution was a dry well immersion heater assembly made out of 304L SS seamless pipe and materials.  The dry well isolated the electric immersion heater from extremes of the application and provided a much more rugged construction to withstand cold temperatures.  Durex also suggested the customer use an unused nozzle on the opposite end of the tank in order to provide an additional well support.  A control panel and temperature sensors were used along with Cascade Control algorithm to maintain tight temperature control and minimize system shock due to heat or cold input.


Chemical Processing Immersion Heater Chemical Processing Control Panel



The heater was installed and has performed well as expected.  The heater and control system has performed so well that they are being considered for other installations.


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