Dry Well Immersion Heaters For Mining Equipment

Dry-Well-Immersion-Heaters-Mining-EquipmentA large mining project executed in the Tar Sands of Canada required several hundred immersion heaters to be specified for installation into rock crushing and mining equipment in order to keep gear boxes and lubrication systems operating at peak performance in temperatures down to -40°F.

Durex developed an explosion-proof rated, threaded, dry well immersion heater design to satisfy the requirements.  The dry well heater design was recommended in order to enable easy removal of any burned heater elements.  The design was 3rd party inspected and approved by CSA and UL.


The heaters were manufactured, inspected and 3rd party certified for use in the mining equipment.  The project was successfully executed with these dry well heaters and the operator has had no issues with downtime due to frigid temperatures.