Solar Photovoltaic

----Solar Photovoltaic.jpgPV cells are manufactured using a series of deposition, doping, etch, and metallization processes on substrates that may be crystalline silicon wafers (cSi), glass, metal, polymer or other materials. PV cost-per-watt, efficiency, life, and other performance characteristics are directly related to substrate material and thin film materials used to form cells. Packaging of the PV cells into arrays and modules includes string and lamination steps. Like semiconductor wafer processing, most PV process steps require precision temperature solutions. Major differences between cSi and the other PV substrates is size of the material and whether the cells are manufactured with single, batch, or continuous process flows. Most PV processes require large area radiant and conduction heating solutions.

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Radiant Heating Panels

Radiant Heating Panels are designed for thermal precision and robustness in large sizes for conveyor furnace, roll-to-roll (web) furnaces and single piece vacuum chambers. The cable (coil) or tubular heater layout is optimized for the equipment design and specified temperature profile.

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Conduction Heating Panels

Conduction heating panels are designed and manufactured in large dimensions using either cast aluminum heater technology or mill groove heater assemblies with top and bottom plate welded or mechanically fastened to insure heater placement.

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