Cast Circulation Heater - Chemical Circulation

An engineer with a unique thermal application found Durex's website on the internet and contacted us regarding heating a mixture of chemicals used in a Thermal Fogging Machine.  John Sidbeck, a Durex application engineer, called the potential customer to discuss the application in detail.
DFX250 Cast Circulation Heater

The application is to pump a premixed blend of 80% dipropylene glycol solvent and 20% Fungicide with the following specifications:

>28 microns  2%
>13 microns  4-17%
>10 microns  10-30%


The Solution: After detailed discussion, it was determined that the maximum power requirement would be 940 watts. John recommended Durex' DFX250 Cast Circulation heater as a solution.  The DFX250 is a robust low mass circulation heater that provides a quick thermal response. The cast circulation heater assembly is a designed integral 316 stainless steel tube and tubular heater that are in a helix layout. This design maximizes heat transfer in variable flow rate gas and fluid applications.

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