Chemical Process Heating System

Chemical Process Heating SystemA manufacturer of specialty chemicals needed to develop a batch chemical manufacturing process that required precise, multi-tank as well as multi-zone heating and control parameters in order to achieve desired product characteristics and high yields.   If successful, the manufacturer was looking to expand production.

Durex worked very closely with the customer to understand the application, develop PI&D layouts, flow and electrical schematics, provided technical applications support to specify heaters and panels as well as valves, piping, tanks and pumps, etc.  Durex also designed for ease of integrating capacity expansions into the system.  Durex manufactured and provided full in house pre-assembly and test prior to disassembly into modules for shipping.  We also provided on-site start up and commissioning service.Chemical Process Control Panels


The entire project was executed on time.  Installation proceeded smoothly and despite a few small hiccups during the start up and commissioning, the system has been on line and operating cost effectively since.


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