Test Laboratory Heaters and Control Panels

----Test Laboratory HeatersA global manufacturer of engines and turbines required air temperatures of up to 1400°F in order to run lab tests.  The laboratory had a very confined, difficult to access area with a small footprint for installation and operation of the heater solution and control system.  They also needed the heater solution that could operate as a stand alone heater or in some cases a boost heater to the existing lower temperature heater installation.  Requirements included ASME heater certification and UL listed control panels.

The Durex Solution: The very tight footprint and difficult access were a challenge to tackle as the initial heater solution was about twice as large as the space allowed for installation. Durex re-engineered the system with multiple heater stages, used higher temperature materials such as H rated SS and high nickel content alloys as well as flow baffling in order to squeeze every available kW out of the small footprint.  After multiple iterations, a 3 stage heater design was developed that allowed for individual skid mounting in order to transport and install the system in a very tight configuration.  This was a highly custom, turnkey heater and control panel solution that met the flexibility demanded by the customer.

----Test Laboratory Control PanelsResults: As a complete process solution supplier, Durex was able to support the customer from concept through delivery of the complex thermal solution.  The customer now has the long awaited capability to perform high-temperature testing in order to improve their equipment performance.


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